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100+ Industry Classes

Keevily Specialty Services provides coverage and innovative insurance solutions for a diverse group of businesses. Our goal is to help you obtain the most comprehensive coverage available at the most competitive rates.

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Food Services

The Food Industry is the largest sector of the global economy and Keevily Specialty Services is her to cover it all.

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Keevily Specialty Services provides manufacturing insurance to a wide range of companies – from plastics and consumables to heavy equipment and structural steel and beyond.

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All your wholesale and distribution needs are covered at Keevily Specialty Solutions.

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Whether working with builders, designers, trade specialists, or construction contractors, our goal is to manage your risks as effectively and cost-efficiently as possible.

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Insuring your agribusiness and agricultural-based business with Keevily Specialty Services can't predict the weather, but with customized policies, we can help you weather the storm.

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Keevily Specialty Services works to ease the burden by providing customized coverage designed specifically for the hospitality industry and your business.

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Human Services

Keevily Specialy Srvices is here to show you the Human Services Industry is not limited to just healthcare.

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Professional Service

Much like professional services and service-based industries, Keevily Specialty Services relies on personal connections to enhance our customer relations.

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Real Estate

You have invested time and money into developing your real estate business and holdings, trust Keevily Specialty Services to manage the associated risks and liabilities.

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Various types of retail insurance policies are available from Keevily Specialty Services to protect retail businesses in the course of day-to-day operations.

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Technology has become integrated with every aspect of our lives and Keevily Specialy Services is here to cover it all.