Crime Insurance protects an insured from losses related to several different types of crime and fidelity loss exposures and includes 17 main coverage forms designated by a letter. Coverage is provided in two major sections of each form – loss due to fraudulent acts of employees and losses committed by non-employees (also known as third parties). 

Coverage Forms:

  • Form A—Employee Dishonesty (blanket or schedule options)
  • Form B—Forgery or Alteration
  • Form C—Theft, Disappearance and Destruction
  • Form D—Robbery and Safe Burglary (property other than money and securities)
  • Form E—Premises Burglary
  • Form F—Computer Fraud
  • Form G—Extortion
  • Form H—Premises Theft and Robbery Outside the Premises (property other than money and securities)
  • Form I—Lessees of Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Form J—Securities Deposited with Others
  • Form K—Liability for Guests’ Property—Safe Deposit Box
  • Form L—Liability for Guests’ Property—Premises
  • Form M—Safe Depository Liability
  • Form N—Safe Depository Direct Loss
  • Form O—Public Employee Dishonesty—Per Loss
  • Form P—Public Employee Dishonesty—Per Employee
  • Form Q—Robbery and Safe Burglary—Money and Securities

Crime coverage is essential for businesses of all types and sizes. For some businesses, many of these coverages may be automatically included in the insured’s Business Owners Policy (BOP) for specific limits, which vary by insurance carrier. When it comes to carriers who do not include any crime coverages or other types of businesses who are not eligible for a BOP, crime can be written on a mono-line basis or as a separate coverage part of a commercial package policy. Coverage is typically written on a named-perils basis and must be specifically selected, with a limit shown on the policy declarations page to indicate coverage has been purchased. Coverage is also normally subject to a “Discovery Period of Loss”, which is typically no later than one year from the expiration or cancellation date of the policy.


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